#TrinityLearns #Sketchnotes from @fastwalker10 2018 closing session. What have we learned from our UED leader? What commitments will we make?

#Leadercast session with @JoeTorre: Leadership – help others develop: show up, work hard, develop skills

#Leadercast session with @IanCron: Self-awareness can be developed

#Leadercast session with @MaeJemison: Value, Corral, and Protect Your Energy – Look Up

#Leadercast session with @JenBricker1: Your words have the power to speak life into someone. Do you believe you can change a life?

#Leadercast session with @MichaelHyatt: Seek Double-Win Truth Self-Care Leaders Go First To Show the Way.

#Leadercast session with @KatColeATL: Give yourself and others permission to change

#Leadercast session with @CareyLohrenz: Thrive and Survive: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

#Leadercast session with Jim Loehr: Life consciousness and energy – give it away

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