#TrinityLearns The Double Edged Sword: Reframing Diversity for the 21st Century with @DerrickGay HMW shift our mindset to uncover and acknowledge blindspots

#TrinityLearns 2018-19 Instructional Core workshop with @jgough @marshamac74 HMW practice like we play and play like we practice? Learning, collaboration, and results

#TrinityLearns 2018-19 Opening #UED Meeting with @teach2connect: HMW keep centered on the work at hand within CARE and our Pillars?

#TrinityLearns 2018-19 Opening #EED Meeting with @rgmteach: HMW strengthen the bonds that keep us together? HMW find balance and deep renewal?

#TrinityLearns 2018-19 Opening Meeting with @JosephPMarshall: We flourish individually and collectively.

#PowerOfMoments by Chip and Dan Heath – 9: Practice Courage – #TrinityLearns practice quiets the anxiety that can cloud our mind #TrinityReads

#TheCultureCode by @DanielCoyle Skill 2 Share Vulnerability Chapter 8: The Vulnerability Loop #TrinityLearns vulnerability precedes trust #TrinityReads

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